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"Nah, it's perfectly possible, it's just bloody difficult."

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Name:~ Mr. Eames, thank you very much
This is a journal for role playing purposes. I do not have any affiliation with the film Inception or creator/director Christopher Nolan. I am not Tom Hardy, the actor who portrays Eames in the film, nor am I Eames, who is a fictional character.

The content is the responsibility of the journal's author and may contain mature subject matter, of a violent or sexual nature. There may also be some flipping cities and a lot of dreaming.

Reader discretion is advised.

Muse and Mun are both over the age of 18.

"Forging is an Art. Art requires Imagination. Without Imagination, there can be no Artist."

~ Mr. Eames, Entrepreneur, London, 2012.

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(deception - not on my resume), (forgery - do not mention), (honesty among thieves - oh please...), (revealing his past - bollocks - do not mention), (theft - see 'forgery'), antiques, architecture, ariadne, arthur, classic hotels, clothing, cobb, culture, fighting techniques, fine food, fish and chips, football (british), history, imagination, inception, languages, professionalism, rings, sex, shoes, skiing, snowmobiles, tea, teamwork, watches, weapons, yusuf
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